Inclusion criteria

  • Patients with SMI defined according to ICD-10 as:
    • F20.0-F20.9 schizophrenia
    • F21.0-F21.9 schizotypal disorder
    • F22.0-F22.9 paranoid psychosis
    • F25.0-F25.9 schizo-affective psychosis
    • F28 other non-organic psychosis
    • F29 non-organic psychosis unspecified
    • F31.0-F31.9 bipolar affective disorder.
  • Patients treated with or initiating antipsychotics with ≥ 0.5 daily defined dosage (DDD) [].
  • >18 years old and <50 years.
  • Informed consent obtained.

Antipsychotic drugs are defined as first-generation antipsychotics (Chlorprothixen, ATC code: N05AF03; Perphenazin, ATC code: N05AB03; Sulpirid, ATC code: N05AL01; Flupentixol, ATC code: N05AF01; Haloperidol, ATC code: N05AD01; Levomepromazine, ATC code: N05AA02; Zuclopenthixol, ATC code: N05AF05) and second-generation antipsychotics (Olanzapine, ATC code: N05AH03; Risperidone, ATC code: N05AX08; Quetiapine, ATC code: N05AH04; Ziprasidone, ATC code: N05AE04; Aripiprazole, ATC code: N05AX12; Clozapine, ATC code: N05AH02; Lurasidone, ATC code: N05AE05; Amisulprid, ATC code: N05AL05; Sertindol, ATC code: N05AE03; Asenapin, ATC code: N05AH05; Paliperidon, ATC code: N05AX13; Cariprazine, ATC code: N05AX15 and Brexipiprazole, ATC code: N05AX16.


Exclusion criteria

  • Patients not capable to understand the aim of the study as judged by investigator.
  • Current in treatment with methadone.
  • Ischemic heart disease [patient reported coronary bypass grafting or percutaneous coronary intervention].
  • Congenital cardiovascular disease [patient reported].
  • Left ventricular hypertrophy (echocardiographic septal thickness ≥1.3 cm for women and ≥1.4 cm for men, or LVM/BSA ≥109 g/m2 for women or ≥132 g/m2 for men) [discretion by cardiologist].
  • Heart failure (echocardiographic LVEF <35%) [discretion by cardiologist].